Scientific Committee

Luisa De Cola, Italy – Chair – Materials
Mário N. Berberan Santos Portugal – Co-Chair – Spectroscopy/Physical Chemistry
Artur M. S. Silva, Portugal – Portuguese Chemical Society - Organic Chemistry – Synthesis
Alice Solda, Italy - European Young Chemists´ Network
Katharina M. Fromm, Switzerland – Inorganic chemistry and solids
Piotr Stepnowski, Poland - Analytical & Environmental Chemistry
Maria Lucia Curri, Italy – Nanostructured and multifunctional materials
Paolo Melchiorre, Spain – Catalysis and Photocatalysis
Oren Scherman, United Kingdom – Dynamic supramolecular assemblies
John Cassidy, Ireland - Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation
Johan Hofkens, Belgium - Spectroscopy and Imaging