As Lisbon is a highly popular tourist destination Leading has pre-blocked a limited number of rooms in different price categories.

Accommodation can be booked for the conference via Leading who have obtained competitive rates at a variety of hotels and apartments for EuCheMS delegates. Any bookings and payments are made direct with the accommodation provider, not the Portuguese Chemical Society, and all queries and requests must be made direct to them.

    Rua Diogo de Couto, 1 B, 2799-537 Linda-a-Velha | Portugal
    Travel Agency Number: RNAVT 5895

For more informations please contact: : +351 215 870 920

University Residence of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Address: R. Diogo de Macedo, 1600-055, Lisbon
Metro station: Entrecampos/Cidade Universitária (yellow line)
Email: | Student Residences Reservation Code: EUCHEMS2022 | website
1 night 32.50 € (first night) | Next nights (1 week) 26.00 € | Dinner 7.00€ | 1 week 160.00€

Residence check-in: 8pm-12pm

Student Residence: Eng. Duarte Pacheco

    Address:Residência de Estudantes Eng. Duarte Pacheco
    Av. D. João II, Lote 4.70.02,Parque das Nações Norte,1990-088 Lisboa
    Metro station: Oriente (red line)
    Train from Oriente to Alcantara-Terra
    Buses: 728 (from Portela to Restelo - is direct to conference venue)

More information soon