EYCN Company Challenge

In 2018, around 2000 chemists participated at the 7th EuChemS Chemistry Congress in Liverpool (UK). The European Young Chemists’ Network (EYCN), the early career division of the European Chemical Society (EuChemS), organised one of the symposium of the conference. The programme, designed by and for young chemists, was perfectly tailored to meet the interests and needs of early career scientists in Europe. The EYCN programme was a great success, and many prestigious chemists and personalities attended the event. The sessions featured extraordinary panels of speakers from both academia and industry, as well as a pool of speakers from other alternative career paths such as education, science advocacy, science communication, and project management.

For the 8th edition of the EuChemS Chemistry Congress, the main goal of the European Young Chemists’ Network (EYCN), the early career division of the European Chemical Society (EuChemS) is to strengthen the collaboration with the chemical Industries, and enhance the interactivity with companies. The EYCN is organizing a Company challenge for students, as well as early-stage researchers to train them and highlight the importance of teamwork, creativity, innovation, communication, resilience and problem solving, while also sharing ideas and fostering fruitful collaborations and discussions.

For the ‘Company challenge’, 3 companies (Amorim Cork, Symeres and Dynamic Biosensors) will propose one challenge or problem to be solved by the young attendees. The presentation of the companies and of the challenge will take place during the EYCN CV session on August 29th (14:00-15.30 pm). The participants can participate as a team or single person and they will be supported by one (or more) person (people) from the company that proposed the challenge during the entire congress. Suggesting meeting point: every day at the coffee break 15.30-16:00 pm. However, the participants of the challenge are highly encouraged to work during the whole week according to their own schedule, for the development and validation of their ideas through hypothesis and creation, where possible, of a prototype. Once they have found a good solution for the challenge they have to create a pitch (TEDx format - video, demonstrator, or presentation) that must be presented (5 min max each) in front of a committee on September 1st from 9 am to 12 am. The committee will announce the winner of each challenge and give the Industry prizes.


Amorim Cork

Amorim Cork has been the world leading company for 150 years dedicated to the production of cork stoppers for still wines, sparkling wines, and spirits, producing 5,8 billion corks annually. Amorim Cork Research provides R&D services for the Amorim Group towards more natural and sustainable solutions for the wine industry and all applications involving cork composites.


Symeres is the leading mid-sized European Contract Research Organization for your drug discovery and development needs. With over 600 scientists at six locations, we offer best-in-class solutions for drug discovery and drug development for small molecules and beyond. Our services span from early-stage hit finding all the way to the delivery of your early clinical drug substance API. We blend a deep scientific knowledge base with creativity to deliver the quality results your project needs. We Make Molecules Matter. Together.

Dynamic Biosensors

Dynamic Biosensors is a provider of instruments, consumables, and services in the field of analytical systems for the characterization of biomolecules and molecular interactions. The company commercializes switch SENSE®, a groundbreaking platform technology for the analysis of biomolecules with applications in R&D and drug development.

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